On the first of spring,on the ninety-third year of the twentieth century, at four hours before midnigh, came to the world a girl with a mind of her own. As growing up in the  Northern part of the Mexican country, became involved in an atmosphere strongly connected with the anglo saxon speakers, and strongly influenced by the culture from "the other side of the border", developing a taste for american literature and languages.  

 Daughter of a literature affectionate, grew up surrounded by books in a cinammon-cigarette smelling home.  A lover of the dark and somber and those stories of the unnameable, describing herself as an american-horror novel enthusiast and an Edgar Allan Poe disciple.

Succeeding academically, this honor roll student became attracted by the performing arts at a young age, soon getting involved in acting and dancing, especially focusing on classical ballet and tap, to later move on to further forms of art, such as writting,drawing,music and sculpting.

  Passion for the visual arts started when at the sweetheart age of fifteen she received her first camera,and therefore began expressing via imagery what words were to weak to say. Soon photography would be the only escape from two divorcing parents and the strict middle school madness which seemed like it would never end.
People came and went by, some left without a trace, and life significantly changed forever, and the only thing that, as a picture, stayed still, was right before her hands, on a click away, a truth hanging on her neck, with something more of an eye than a lens to view a different world.
A world where I am forever young.

  I am Elsa Lucia a 20 year old graphic design student living life as exciting as I can. I surround myself in inspiration and drown my mind in dreams. I enjoy having some tea and a cigarette once in a while, attending music shows, and listening to The Cure on a hot summer day. When not practicing ballet I may be found walking dreamily through the city's streets, gazing at the lights, or in a library traveling to a faraway land.
I walk this flowery path alone, with my passions and dreams as my only companions. I love early August mornings and late November nights. I'm an absolute dreamer, but like John Lennon said: I'm not the only one.

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