Summer Haul

Finally summer has arrived, and eventhough it is my least favorite season (probably because where I live is hotter than hell!) I still like to make the best of it and keep myself fresh in the heat while still keeping a good look.

Summertime is not so bad if you think about not having to layer down a bunch of clothes on yourself. You can pull off some relaxed and easy looks without havin to put much thought on your outfit. So, lately I've been shopping for some pretty cool items to wear on the heat season.

Chuck Taylor OX Black Mono
First I bought myself a pair of Chuck Taylor's Converse in all black, because let's face it, no matter how hot it is outside I will always find a way to wear black.

 I also got myself this super cute Beser flats with this really edgy straps, the moment I saw this shoes I knew it was love at first sight!

Women's Black Suede Lace Up Creepers

And almost done with shoes, I also got myself a pair of creepers from ebay, which of course can be worn all year long, but I find it really cool when paired with summer outfits.

Done with shoes and moving on to the prefect staple of summer, short shorts! Iwent looking for cheap ones and came up with this basic Levis blue denim one. I loved it because it has a vintage vibe with its ragged edges. I also bought some beetlejuice inspired shorts which look really alternative and just go perfect with any band t-shirt!

I went shopping some weeks ago with my friends and came upon some really basic but trendy clothes. What I loved most is that all three of this clothes are very comfortable to wear on a heat summer day!

Blue Metallic Tank Top
Aren't this items so cute? I remember I wasnt even planning on buying the Blue Metal CCP shirt, but it just grew into me so fast, that before I knew it, it was already sitting in my closet with the tag waiting to be taken away.

Black Lace Crop Top
 Also the Black Lace shirt from H&M is gorgeus and absolutely gives a gothic vibe to any outfit.

Black Cat Printed Gray Tube Dress
I am very excited too to wear the Cat Printed Gray Tube Dress from CCP! It is such a cool dress, I just wanna wear it with some platforms, black lipstick and call it a day!

Black Crisscross One Piece Swimsuit
And finally I got this gorgeus swimsuit from one of my favorite online stores, Zaful. For a long time I had been looking for a swimsuit that would fit me well. This was so easy at Zaful, since they have a great variety of swimwear to chose from. I was looking for a one piece in either black or red, and that would absolutely cover my entire butt, you know, just personal preference. An I am glas I stumbled upon this amazing swimsuit.

And last, but not least I spoiled myself with a new makeup base with aloe vera on it and a really cute black & gold wallet.

So what do you think about this summer haul? I think this are just some basics to start with for the heating season.
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