Refill Lace Up Millitar Boots Review

I find it necessary to always have styling options for everyday looks, and today I found one that  I absolutely enjoyed trying out and feel the need to share it with all of you.

This are Refill's Black Lace Up Millitar Boots. I bought them about a month ago and since day one they've become my favorite! I first want to say that the materials they are made of have a great quality, but not only that, they are also very comfortable to wear and they resist any climate, which makes them perfect to wear all year round.

I've been pairing my Refill boots with so many outfits as they always add a very edgy vibe to any look, such a great alternative to the classic Dr Martens.

Refill Lace Up Millitar Boots Review Refill Lace Up Millitar Boots Review Reviewed by Elsa Lucia on 21:05 Rating: 5

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