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2016 was a great year so far, but as for every year I always have big expectations and tons of goals I want to achieve. Keeping up with 2016 was hard as I was in charge of many proyects and goals I had for myself. But I am glad to say that I gave my best to achieve as much as I could. But thinking back, organization was always a big must, so for 2017 I am going in with much more proyects,goals and achievements. 2017 will be a year of many changes (some of them already starting!) and to make sure I can accomplish as much as possible I have decided to try out and use a planner to help myself with this process.
This DIY was so cool to make! But I will not lie, it took some time (2hrs.) but it is definitely worth it!

To begin with this 2017 Planner You will need to print the following sheets(click on the link to download for free the sheet design I created):

Quote Sheet – 1 print: The planner begins with a motivational quote to inspire you everyday to get your plans together and achieve every goal you want.
Year Goals Sheet -1 or 2 prints: In this sheet you will write down all your goals for 2017. 

Month Sheet - 1 print for each month: This sheet helps you distribute your goals per month, this way it will become easier to keep track of them.

To Do Sheet  - 48 prints on both sides: The sheet includes a To Do List for every task that must be done throughout the day, a Daily Goals check list, so you can make sure you are keeping up with the goals throughout the month, and a Notes section to write some extras down.


For the binding you will need:

For the cover you will need:

  • Fold each sheet in half with the design facing out.
  • Place the Year Goal Sheet/s in between the Quote Sheet.

  • Then grab 4 To Do Sheets, put them in between each other, and then put the sheets in between the Month Sheet. Do this for all the remaining months.
  • Now you should have twelve Month Sheets each of them with four To Do Sheets in between.

  • Make five marks on the folding. I gave 5.5cm between each mark.

  • Holding tight and secure in place the Month Sheet and the four To Do Sheets, punch holes where you did the marks. You can use something small and sharp like a needle or a pin.
  • Thread the needle and we are ready to bind the pages together.
  • Pass the thread through all the holes in each month stack of pages.
  • You can use this video by youtuber Sea Lemon to help you with the book binding.
  • Once you finished with the binding it’s time for the cover of our planner.
  • Sew the cloth into the binding.
  • Glue the ribbon to the spine (optional).

  • Glue each cover to one side. Make sure they are right in place.
  • Decorate the covers using plastic,textiles,wrapping paper,etc.
  • Glue the elastic band to the back cover (optional)
  • Cut two pieces of paper the same size of the agenda and glue them to the inner covers.
  • On the back inner cover you may add a pocket to keep important papers or notes (optional)
  • Decorate using stickers,glitter,cutouts,etc. (optional)

And voila! your planner is ready to be used for this 2017! The fun thing is you can always personalize it as much as you want to, just like I did in the following video:

And there you have it! Go write down all your goals,plan them out and make your 2017 the best year ever!

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