Party Do's and Don'ts

It is inevitable to talk about this important issue this season: the large year-end party. An event to share, have fun and, unfortunately, with great potential for error. What? Yes, among so many toasts, hugs and joy,it is surprisingly easy to get confused and fall into a huge do not! But do not worry, here is the list to make no mistake ...
DO: Attend! However innocent it may seem, this event is a great opportunity to introduce you to people who rarely have the opportunity to see. This event, without being its main purpose is key to expanding your social circle. And, overall, if you really do not want to talk to anyone, nothing happens, the simple fact of being present and with good attitude gives you points.

DO NOT: Do not go to the party of you are feeling sick or angry for some reason. Remember: zero negativity is key to enjoying a party.
DO: Choose the right outfit. Get something you feel comfortable in and that suits you well. Remember to wear something adecuate for the party. There's nothing better than an ad hoc outfit for every ocassion.
DO NOT: Do not confuse the party with an opportunity to flirt with who ever happens to get on your way. It is important to socialize and be nice, but keep an appropriate distance.

DO: Be positive, cheerful and friendly. Nobody wants to hear complaints, moans or criticism to others. 

DO NOT: Do not try to start counting racist, rude, dirty or sexist jokes. It is not the time nor the place, nor the audience (and probably never will).
DO: Stick to the people you know and make you feel comfortable.

DO NOT: Stay with someone who is harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable in any way possible.
DO: Stick to your host's rules. Plus it's bad taste to ignore the rules, these events require a lot of planning.
DO NOT: Do not eat as if there were no tomorrow. If necessary, enjoying a small snack before the event, but there is nothing worse than seeing someone devouring the buffet, wiping out the basket of bread or double ordering because 'it was not filled.' Remember, moderation is pure elegance.

DO: Enjoy the party. Make it worth it! 

DO NOT: Drinking too much. Indeed, open bar and that is worthy to be enjoyed, but stay calm. Alcohol makes you uninhibited, significantly altering your judgment and you could end up doing or saying things that would not normally do. Harlem Shake seriously?

Always remember to enjoy your parties and events with responsability to ensure a great time. Happy holidays!
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