Bangood Christmas Series Wishlist

I just love how this season can inspire any fashion lover and turn any outfit into something holiday worthy. With Christmas already on the corner I get super excited to show my holiday spirit through my outfits. Luckily Bangood has the right pieces to help any outfit get the Christmas vibe. This Christmas series will sure make you feel like singing carols.
Something infalible in any Christmas outfit is a white pullover sweater, it's just so versatile to wear and it also keeps you warm during the cold season. Next is a red vintage long skirt that will also keep your legs away from the freeze.Red is known to be one of the favorite colors of this season along with gold. Talking about gold I decided to add a gold necklace with white beads on it, this will keep your outfit looking more elaborate and classy. To finish I also added some ankle boots in the color white to get a more unique style.

Hollow Pullover Round Neck Sweater / HERE
Red Vintage Long Skirt / HERE
White Beads Necklace / HERE
White Ankle Boots / HERE

This next items will sure make any Christmas outfit look on point for the night! First we have this super basic blazer that you can't be missing on your closet, it's perfect for any event! One of my favorites is the metallic blue mini skirt that will brighten up your look and add a lot of fun to it, it's a one of a kind piece. Details on collars are on trend right now, so not to miss that I included a chiffon blouse with a contrasting collar. To finish I chose some pointed high heel oxfords that are just so adorable and chic!

Blazer Suit / HERE
Metallic Blue Mini Skirt/ HERE
Beige Chiffon Collar Blouse/ HERE
Pointed Toe High Heel Oxford Shoes/ HERE

For now that's all. I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Series Wishlist featuring the super trendy and chic online store Bangood, Happy holidays and best wishes to you! Keep the style up!


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