#OOTD: Rolling Bandit

This past days have been frenzy for me, I 've tried to keep up with my work but I still find myself trapped under the full load of activities I have to do on a daily basis. But still here I am setting myself up to show today's style because no matter how tired I might be, dressing how I want and fashion always make me feel ten times better. Here is my #OOTD which has proven to be worthy and super comfy for this days. I've been up and down this week and coffee has also proven to be an effective fuel for my body!
In this outfit
Retro Round Lens Sunglasses / HERE
Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket / HERE
Metallica Sleeveless Shirt                        
  Black Denim Shorts                                  
Ripped Tights                                          
Black Combat Boots                                

More coffee please!

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