New Year's Resolution

2014 is already on!and with this comes our goals,plans and resolutions for this new year. I always make up plans, and to be honest I end uo failing at some. My goal this year is to keep up at least with 3 of my resolutions. I think they are pretty much realistic, but still I never manage to keep up with the majority of them.

(This are some out takes from my past photoshoot)  :)

So I decided to post my resolutions for this Twenty O Four .

1-. Start a magazine. This one is the most difficult, as it requires time and a good team of co-workers!
2-.Post at least 4 #OOTD each month.
3-.Keep on blogging. I never thought I would like it this much! <3
4-. Maintain a good health.
5-. Be a good student and always give my best at school, I think it's easier if you are in love with your career as much as I am with mine.
6-. Read more! My list includes: Johan Van Goethe's Faust, Love in the Times of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez,The importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice...and the list may go on!
7-. Finish writting my collection of poems by summer.
8-. Do summer school and advance more on my career.
9-. Learn a foreign language.
and most important  of all...
...10-. Be happy!

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  1. Hola, acabo de comenzar hace poco en este mundo aunque llevaba mucho tiempo deseándolo. Me llamo Ainhoa, tengo 16 años, vivo en un pequeño pueblo blanco de Cádiz (Vejer de la Frontera) soy amante de la fotografía, la moda y la música y esto me ha llevado a crear un blog, descubrí este mundo hace unos 3 años y visitaba blogs muy amenudo hasta que decidí lanzarme y expresar yo también mis gustos y opiniones. Tengo poco tiempo pero muchísimas ganas. Hablo tanto de mi día a día, como de experiencias y subo post. Pásate si quieres :)

  2. love this, your too cute xox


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