Young Folks Knitting Hats

Today my boyfriend and I went to buy some knitting yarn. I taught him how to knitt and apparently he has fallen for the idea of having a thousand beannie hats in multiple colors, which honestly is a very tempting idea.
I have to admit that knitting together is way much fun and awesome <3 besides we get to share some time together. Here is how our knitting went.

Recently I've been thinking on making a DIY on knitting beannie hats, I think it's really useful, and with winter already in season it os more than ever :)

Currently listening to this...I need to sleep now, tommorrow I have to get up early
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  1. omg this is so cool, i wish i knew how to knit! i did once but i haven't done it for years so i kind of forgot how it works, haha.
    + you guys look super cute together!! xx


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