#OOTD: Cold Purple

I wonder what it would feel like to be a bird and migrate every change of season. Thoughts like this kept swirling 'round my mind frequently as I'm starting to miss summer. I find it funny how during the hottest season everyone keeps longing for winter to come, yet as soon as days start to get chilly everyone complains about the weather.

Anyway, I dunno why this autumn-winter feels so real this time, it's like if it was the first one I ever had...the past one just seems to be absolutely gone, leaving no trace behind, no memory. My mind erased it...they were of no need. Last December nothing interesting happened to me, except that I spent it being worried on a broken friendship, and also with this came the end to my brother's relationship with his girlfriend(and my ex-bestfriend now). Sigh...but it's gone,gone,gone...leaving space to a more cheery time! A better one.

Here is today's photoshoot:

I called it Cold Purple on Lookbook, cause it was well, cold! and I was wearing a purple vintage sweater.
Anyway, hope everyone has a good evening.

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  1. Ei linda! Que también te has hecho un blog! :) Me encanta este post, están muy chulas las fotos y tienes unos ojos preciosos!

    Pásate por mi blog a ver qué te parece! :) http://rasbelia.blogspot.com.es/

    1. awww gracias linda! que genial que por aqui tambien nos comunicaremos! un abrazo grande para ti! estare al pendiente de tu blog!

  2. Lovely sweetie !! ♥♥ adorable :)

    1. thank you so much for the comments! you are so sweet! do you have a blog too?


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